Funding 1 Lower Saxony

Name of programme
Lower Saxony funding programme for stationary battery storage systems

Aim/purpose of funding
Funds for investing in a stationary storage system that is combined with either constructing a new photovoltaic installation connected to the distribution grid and with an output of at least 4 kWp, or for expanding an existing photovoltaic installation.
Funding is only provided for investment in the battery storage system and not the PV installation.

What battery storage systems are funded?
Only new battery storage systems are funded. They must be equipped with a forecast-based battery management system and operate for at least five years.
Funding is only provided for a storage capacity of max. 1 kWh per 1.2 kWp installed system capacity of the new PV installation. Any storage capacity exceeding this ratio is not eligible for funding.

Funding conditions, amount of funding

The following may apply: companies, natural persons, business partnerships with legal capacity and legal persons under private law, local authorities, municipal associations, special-purpose associations, foundations, other entities and institutions under public law, and companies owned by regional administrative authorities.

The funding is provided as a non-repayable subsidy. It covers up to 40% of the net investment cost for a photovoltaic battery storage system.
The maximum funding amount is EUR 50,000.
Further bonuses can be granted:
– EUR 500 per project where the project involves installing a new, load management-enabled e-vehicle charging point.
– EUR 800 for projects with an installed/expanded photovoltaic installation output exceeding 10 kWp.
– EUR 20 per m2 of photovoltaic modules used as roofing for car parks and other structures with raised photovoltaic installations.

Duration of programme, budget
Open for applications until 30 September 2022.

Self builds, used systems or prototypes are not eligible for funding. Leasing models are excluded from the funding.

Contact and further information
Investitions- und Förderbank Niedersachsen (NBank)
Günther-Wagner-Allee 12–16, 30177 Hanover, Germany
Talk to your nearest TESVOLT partner. Our specialists can help you with your application and in selecting a TESVOLT storage system that perfectly suits your needs and is eligible for funding.

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Funding 2 Lower Saxony

Funding of non-public charging infrastructure

Who does it fund?

Sole proprietorships, sole traders, freelancers, civil law partnerships, limited partnerships, general partnerships, public limited companies, partnership companies, registered associations, cooperatives, limited liability companies.

What does it fund?

  • Planning and consultation services,
  • Installation and construction measures for
  • normal and quick charging points (incl. wall boxes),
  • grid connection and, if applicable, solar installations and buffer storage if these are related to the installation of charging stations,
  • Replacements and retrofitting.
  • No funding for ongoing operating expenses, spending on land acquisition or expenses associated with loans.

How does the funding work?


  • Non-repayable grant,
  • The minimum operating duration is three years (earmarking),
  • Combination with other funding (e.g. regional, national or EU) is not permitted.


  • The application period is announced in the individual funding calls.
  • The project must be located within the state of Lower Saxony.

Amount of funding

  • Procurement of normal charging infrastructure (AC) incl. grid connection (up to 22 kW, incl. wall boxes) up to 80% of total expenditure, max. EUR 2,500 per charging point,
  • Procurement of quick charging infrastructure (DC) incl. grid connection (over 22 kW) up to 80% of total expenditure, max. EUR 30,000 per charging point,
  • Procurement of quick charging infrastructure (DC) incl. grid connection (over 50 kW) up to 80% of total expenditure, max. EUR 70,000 per charging point,
  • Procurement of quick charging infrastructure (DC) incl. grid connection (over 100 kW) up to 80% of total expenditure, max. EUR 100,000 per charging point,
  • Grid connection

- up to 60% of total expenditure, max. EUR 5,000 with connection to low-voltage grid,
- up to 60% of total expenditure, max. EUR 50,000 with connection to medium-voltage grid,

  • Planning and consultation costs up to 20% of investment expenditure.

Where do I find the funding application?

The funding application can be found here:

Förderantrag für eine nicht öffentliche Ladeinfrastruktur [Funding application for non-public charging infrastructure] (PDF, 0.67 MB) 26112020_Antrag_nicht_ffentliche_LIS.pdf (681.05 KB).