Name of programme
RENplus 2014 - 2020

Aim/purpose of funding:
The aim of the programme is to reduce energy consumption and CO2 emissions. To this end, grants are awarded for projects that aim to increase energy efficiency and the use of renewable energies or are expected to do so. In particular, the following measures are supported:

  • Projects in the fields of energy efficiency and storage systems
  • Projects for the integration of renewable energies
  • Investments in energy infrastructure
  • Drafting studies and energy and climate protection strategies

What does it fund?

  • Energy efficiency improvements in technical processes and in public buildings owned or owned by the public sector or a non-profit organisation
  • Energy recovery systems
  • Storage systems
  • Cogeneration plantsIntegration and use of renewable energiesConstruction and grid connection of charging infrastructures for electric vehicles

Funding conditions, amount of funding:
The funding is provided as project funding. Grants are awarded in the form of subsidies.

The amount of the grant is differentiated according to whether the measure involves an economic or non-economic activity:

Legal entities under public and private law, sole proprietorships and partnerships with economic activity in relation to the measure

  • 35 - 80 percent of the eligible expenditure
  • maximum EUR 15 million depending on the object of funding
  • 80 percent of the eligible expenditure in the case of funding under the de minimis Regulation (maximum EUR 200,000)

Legal entities under public and private law that are not economically active in the implementation of the measures

  • up to 80 % of eligible expenditure, with a maximum of EUR 15 million

Duration of programme, budget:

Special features/other/observations:

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