Name of programme:
PV-Speicher-Programm (PV storage system programme), part of the 10.000 Häuser (10,000 houses) programme

Aim/purpose of funding:
Funding of battery storage systems combined with a photovoltaic installation

What battery storage systems are funded?
The programme funds the installation of a new battery storage system combined with new or additional PV installations with capacities ranging from 3 to 30 kWh.

Funding conditions, amount of funding:

  • The basic funding is EUR 500 for each battery storage system with a usable capacity of at least 3.0 kWh.
  • EUR 100 is awarded for each full 1.0 kWh above this (up to a total of 30.0 kWh). The maximum funding amount is EUR 3,200.
  • Electric vehicle charging stations (optional) are awarded EUR 200.
  • The funding awarded depends on the capacity of the new battery storage system or the PV output. The funding amount is based on whichever is the lower value.

Duration of programme, budget:

Special features/other/observations:

  • To receive the PV storage system bonus, the applicant must submit an electronic application on the online platform
  • The measures must be completed within nine months of receiving confirmation of receipt for the electronic application.

Contact or for further information: