College saves money with CHP and battery storage systems

Wirral Metropolitan College in Liverpool is now employing a cogeneration system to generate their own heat and power from gas. During the winter months, when the need for heat and electricity is particularly high for the College’s operations, the power supply is supported by a TESVOLT battery storage system. The system is charged up using excess power produced by the combined heat and power system (CHP) when the college’s electricity demand is low.

In light of rising electricity and gas prices in the UK, it is more economical to supply the College’s needs using this combined energy system. Project planner Scotia Energy predicts that this will enable savings of 55,000 British pounds per year and the whole system will have paid for itself within six years. Additionally, gas is being used more efficiently, thereby cutting CO2 emissions.


Storage System 2x TS HV 70
Capacity/Power 134 kWh/60 kW
System On-Grid
Inverter SMA STPS
Client Wirral Metropolitan College
Application Increase of self-consumption
Country/Region United Kingdom / Liverpool