Smart storage — college cuts it´s heating and electricity costs

Like most educational facilities, Wirral Metropolitan College mainly needs energy for heating, hot water, and lighting. The college runs two gas-powered cogeneration plants, each has an output of 65 kW. One of the plants supplies heat and electricity around the clock, while the other only runs in winter when demand is higher.

To enable the storage of excess electricity for use later on, the college installed the TS HV 70 from TESVOLT. The system works together with a phase change battery to store surplus energy at times when demand is low and support the heating and electrical systems when it rises again. The new system will pay for itself in just 6 years, after which it will save the college an estimated 63,000 euros per year.


Storage System TS HV 70
Capacity / Power 134.4 kWh / 60 kW
System On-Grid
Inverter Manager SMA Sunny Tripower Storage 60
Industry Educationa sector
Application Increased self-consumption
Special features Optimization of combined heat and power plant operation
Country/Region Liverpool, England
Installer Scotia Energy