Alpine Cabin Completely Independent from the power grid

The refuge of the German Alpine Association (DAV) in Tyrol, which offers hikers overnight accommodation more than 1,900 metres above sea level, is supplied by a combined heat and power unit running on rapeseed oil in addition to the photovoltaic system.

With the Tesvolt TS 40 storage system, the cabin’s daily consumption, which is approx. 200 kWh in the main season, can be completely covered by solar energy even in cloudy weather. The simple installation and the high operational safety and reliability guarantee low maintenance costs. The installation of the storage facility in the mountains was a challenge: the refuge was delivered by helicopter. The installation was carried out during the high season at full operation without interruption of the power supply.


Storage System TS 40
Capacity/Power 77 kWh / 36 kW
System Off-Grid with 16 kW PV system + CHP
Inverter Manager SMA Sunny Island
Business Type Tourism
Application Independence from the power grid
Special Features Self-sufficiency. due to PV, storage and CHP
Country/Region Wieming, Tyrol
Partner StromVomDach Erl