100% Renewable Energy

Avocado farm in Western Australia

The Avocado farm, 330 km south of Perth, requires a stable power supply for irrigation pumps and other technical systems. The energy from a 53-kilowatt photovoltaic system has to be stored for the evening hours, since the power grid is not always available in the remote region.

In order to guarantee a self-sufficient and at the same time environmentally friendly power and water supply, the solar system is combined with a TESVOLT storage system and salt water batteries. The TESVOLT TS 50 absorbs peak loads, the salt water batteries ensure a stable base load. In this way, the farm runs 100 percent on the renewable energies all year long.

The project was awarded the "The smarter E Award" in 2018 as an outstanding project.

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Storage System TS 50
Capacity/Power 48 kWh / 18 kW
System Off-Grid with 53 kW PV system + salt water batteries
Inverter Manager SMA Sunny Island
Business Type Farming
Application Independence from the power grid
Special Features Combination of different battery technologies
Country/Region Western Australia
Partner Unlimited Energy Australia Ltd