TESVOLT energy management system

Control and monitoring made easy

All energy flows can be recorded, controlled and monitored with the innovative TESVOLT energy management system – consisting of the TESVOLT Energy Manager and the myTESWORLD portal. By setting individual operational strategies, you can combine a wide variety of applications and thus perfectly adapt the system to the needs of commerce and industry.

The TESVOLT energy management system is available both as a free Basic version and as a fee-based Pro version with valuable additional functions, such as minute-by-minute data evaluation for even greater transparency, or the multi-use function.

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The components of our energy management system

The hardware

The online portal

The TESVOLT Energy Manager is at the heart of our energy management system. It can be integrated locally in the meter cabinet or via the TESVOLT Backup Control Box, and it controls all connected generators and consumers, records all relevant data and optimises energy flows.

  • Autonomous energy management
  • Data acquisition and optimised energy flows
  • Generation, load and storage system control
  • Configuration through a user interface with different views for different user groups
  • Local integration in the meter cabinet or in the TESVOLT Backup Control Box (function-tested and pre-wired)

The myTESWORLD portal is simple to access using a web browser. It offers a wide range of functions for monitoring and controlling energy flows. They are available in both a free Basic version and a fee-based Pro version, corresponding to the associated areas of use.

  • Real-time dashboard
  • Overview of power consumption and generation
  • Detailed breakdown of consumption and generation
  • Energy balance
  • Metering data history
  • Energy reports and detailed meter readings (may not be used for billing purposes)

Test the myTESWORLD demo version now!

Would you like to get to know myTESWORLD better? Then simply sign up for test access and get an overview of all of our portal’s functions at your leisure. We’d naturally be delighted to help you if you have any questions.

It’s so simple:
Go to https://mytesworld.tesvolt.com, click on “Register” and enter your email address and a password. You will then receive an email with a confirmation link so you can log in. Once you’re logged in, you can test all the functions of myTESWORLD by clicking on the “Start the DEMO” button.

All the functions at a glance

Free Basic Version

Self-Consumption Optimisation

Use more energy from renewable sources and minimise feed-in


Create your own power grid independently of energy suppliers, for example by combining a photovoltaic installation and TESVOLT storage solution


Physical Peak Shaving

Shave consumption peaks and cut demand rate costs

Back-up Power

The storage system immediately takes over the power supply in the event of a power outage

Zero Feed-In

Fulfils the normative guidelines (Germany) stipulating that no power can be fed into the utility grid

Load Control

Actively switch consumers on and off depending on generation and consumption (see compatibility list)

Generation Control

Generators such as CHPs can be actively switched on or off and controlled for greater independence from energy suppliers

Charging Station Control1

Smart interconnection of the charging station and central controls via the TESVOLT Energy Manager. This means charging processes can be digitally recorded and controlled

Fee-Based Pro Version

RLM Peak Shaving

A smart way of reducing consumption peaks at 15-minute intervals and making full use of storage systems

Power Quality

Keep the utility grid in a constant, correct frequency range. Harmonics are counterbalanced dynamically, improving the power quality in the system



Simultaneous use of two applications (SCO & PS, ToU & PS, ToU & SCO)

Charging Station Control1

Smart interconnection of the charging station and central controls via the TESVOLT Energy Manager. This means charging processes can be digitally recorded and controlled

Forecast-Based Charging

Depending on the weather forecast, curtailment losses from photovoltaic installations are avoided and self-consumption is optimised

Semi-Off-Grid Operation

Consumers are fed either from the grid alone, or else up to 100% from a storage system and renewable energy installations. In-house energy sources are never connected to the public utility grid.


Time of Use

Time-dependent use of functions.

1) Additional costs for project planing a incurred for more than one charging station

Benefits of the energy management system for installers

System structure

Our products

TS-I HV 80 E
The all-star with the E-factor: impresses with maximum energy density, low investment costs and its wide range of applications.
TS-I HV 100 E
The big all-star with the E-factor: offers high performance with a small footprint and attractive investment costs
TS-I HV 80
The all-star: Convinces with durability, efficiency and flexible expandability.