TESVOLT’s online calculator tool determines the most cost-efficient storage solution for peak load capping

Commercial storage systems reduce electricity costs through load management

Wittenberg, 25. May 2017 – With the relaunch of the tesvolt.com website, the storage manufacturer TESVOLT is introducing a free tool for calculating the most cost-efficient storage solution for capping load peaks. From now on, installers and end customers can go online to determine the optimal configuration for a storage system, which improves load management and thus reduces the electricity costs for commercial and industrial companies; all in just a few clicks.

The configurator calculates the customers’ requirements in order to cap load peaks, while also making allowances for factors such as storage size, or preferred level of flexibility when charging and discharging. At the end of the process, a compact overview displays any variations between the custom-made solution and the most economically viable option.

User-friendly handling – for personalised solutions
“Regardless whether newcomers to storage or professional installers – we want to relieve our customers of having to calculate the economic efficiency of various different product combinations themselves. Our tool reaches a suitable offer quickly, simply, transparently and free of charge, and if so desired, can be installed by our specialist partners,” says Daniel Hannemann, Managing Director at TESVOLT.

The tool is already available online, and can be used free of charge after simply registering. The customers can then upload their peak load profile and enter the electricity rate per kW stated in the electricity bill issued by their energy provider. The calculator presents the customers with the ideal configuration option for them from the TESVOLT product portfolio. An insurance for the case of loss of output is also available in combination with the TESVOLT products, offering end customers a high degree of investment security.

New website gives a quick overview of the best storage solution
In addition to the new tool, customers and other interested parties can also find a product configurator in the “Storage navigator” category on the new TESVOLT website - also in english. This selects the storage system best suited to all other applications from the Wittenberg-based manufacturer’s range in just three clicks.

About Tesvolt
TESVOLT specializes in commercial battery storage systems. The innovative company from Lutherstadt Wittenberg produces storage systems with the most modern battery cells: prismatic lithium cells from Samsung SDI based on nickel-manganese-cobalt-oxide. TESVOLT storage systems function just as well at low voltage as at high voltage, and can be connected to all energy producers: sun, wind, water, biogas and combined heat and power — on-grid and off-grid.
The TESVOLT commercial storage solutions are manufactured in the first Gigafactory for battery storage systems in Europe at the Wittenberg location.

TESVOLT was awarded the German Entrepreneur Award in 2018 in the category "Rising Star". For the off-grid power supply of an avocado farm in southwestern Australia, TESVOLT received the "The smarter E award" in the "Outstanding projects" category as well as the International Award for Rural Electrification (ARE).

TESVOLT load peak configurator (image source: Tesvolt)
Daniel Hannemann (li.), kaufmännischer Geschäftsführer, und Simon Schandert, technischer Geschäftsführer von TESVOLT (Photo credit: TESVOLT)
Logo TESVOLT (Photo credit: TESVOLT)

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