Peak load shaving
leads to cost saving
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TS HV 70

Find out how our energy storage systems help you to shave expensive peak loads

scope of application

load peaks occur in many companies that consume more energy at certain times than usual, for example:

  • Bakeries when the ovens start up at the same time in the morning
  • Car dealerships, where all of the new electric charging points are in use at once
  • Tool manufacturers that use welding equipment or other energy-intensive machinery
  • Dairy farmers that use a robotic milking system, and many more

These peaks drive electricity bills up significantly because electricity providers consider the consumption, which is used only briefly, as a precaution, durable – and since it is difficult to predict whether and when the next peak comes they increase the electricity bill for business and industries. One peak load can increase electricity bills for years, even if it occurs rarely.

Your benefit

TESVOLT storage system can even the power so that the additional energy will be drawn not from the power grid but instead from the battery during peak loads. So you "smooth" the load peaks - and avoid the increased electricity tariff.

Tesvolt Peak Loads configurator

Dynamic simulation program for the design and optimization of shaving peak load. In a few steps to the economical storage system.

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