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Cut costs with battery storage systems

Peak loads are a reality in many operations that have considerably greater electricity consumption at certain times. These peaks drive up electricity bills, because electricity providers need to keep the output available constantly as a precaution, even if it is only briefly required. This makes for difficult planning, as they need to work out if and when the next peak will happen. To account for this uncertainty, providers raise their bills. Just one peak load can increase electricity bills for years.

That’s where TESVOLT battery storage systems come into play. They can control the electricity drawn by installations and machines so that peak load energy needs are taken straight from battery cells rather than from the grid. In doing so, they smooth out the peak loads, prevent increased electricity tariffs and cut operating costs.

One solution - a multitude of sectors

  • Bakeries, when the ovens start up in the morning
  • Car dealerships, when several electric charging points are in use at once
  • Metal manufacturers that use welding equipment and other energy-intensive machines
  • Dairy farmers who use a robotic milking system, and many more

How does it work?

If a peak load arises, the battery storage system provides additional electricity alongside that drawn from the grid. In doing so, the amount of electricity drawn from the grid is reduced to a specified amount. The storage system is then continually charged from the utility grid or from a PV installation.

RLM peak shaving

How does it help?

With physical peak shaving (PS), every consumption peak that occurs over a defined threshold is simply covered by electricity from the battery storage system, while the system involved in registering load profile measurement (RLM) works at 15-minute intervals to ensure greater accuracy and therefore also greater efficiency. Since the storage system only releases the amount of electricity that is absolutely necessary, its capacity lasts longer without having to be charged. On top of this, the system’s control time responds with virtually zero latency (just 1 millisecond, approximately), which means even the briefest of peak loads can be shaved where physical PS (control time of 3 seconds) would not be able to respond. Multi-use (> Link to application text) mode increases this benefit even further.

How you benefit

  • - Improved utilisation of storage capacity
  • - Even greater cost efficiency

How does it work?

The maximum consumption peak tolerated by the supplier is circumvented because the amount of electricity consumed is registered over a period of 15 minutes to permit short peak loads. The TESVOLT Energy Manager only comes into play when the average consumption is in danger of exceeding the maximum tolerated peak value within the 15-minute interval.


Where annual consumption exceeds 100,000 kWh, this is charged at the kilowatt-hour rate per kWh and the demand rate per maximum number of kWh required within 15 minutes. If the maximum average power level is exceeded within a 15-minute interval, the customer/consumer then has to pay their energy supplier a higher kilowatt-hour rate over the whole year – even if this peak only happens once.

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TESVOLT peak load configurator
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