TLC 370

Versatile - Ideal for commercial and industrial applications

The container can be carried around and can be connected in low voltage systems to numerous generation
units, like photovoltaic plants, biogas and wind turbines, CHPs and hydroelectric power plants, even in 
combination with one another. The battery accumulator can be used both on and also off grid. Due to the 
short discharge time at high power and also for capacitance discharges, the accumulator starts off an 
effective energy supply, in case of need.

performance features:

Energy content: 
usable capacity: 
Max. nominal charge power (AC): 
Max. nominal discharge power (AC):
Number of cycles [DoD] 70%: 
Number of cycles [DoD] 90%: 
Max. efficiency: 
working temperature: 
Dimension L x B x H [mm]

368,6 kWh
258,0 - 331,8 kWh
54,0 kW
54,0 kW
max. 90 %
+5 °C bis + 45°
< 3 % per month
8.000 kg
6000 x 2450 x 2800

The TESVOLT TLC 370 lithium storage container enforces the technical innovations, as by the specially
developed by TESVOLT unique active bidirectional transmissiontional battery management system (BMS)
new standard for modularity and efficiencies. Because of the special control, the cells are optimally
charged and discharged to ensure a long shelf life.



Dane techniczne




TESVOLT-Lithium-batteries do not contain environmentally harmful heavy metals and are intrinsically safe



TESVOLT provides a 10 year warranty on the lithium batteries and granted the redemption


bidirectional active
Battery Managament System
The innovative BMS sets new standards for efficient and safe storage!

Wirtschaftliche Technologie


The modularity and high cycle stability sets new standards for economical storage systems

Modular and scalable

TESVOLT accumulators are modules and the blocks can be easily reproduced in their current control structure

Emergency power

TESVOLT battery system provides an automated and efficient backup power

TESVOLT lithium battery container implementation