The lithium accumulators of TESVOLT are designed specifically for commercial and industrial applications

TESVOLT storage solutions are available from 10 kWh up to an unlimited capacity (10, 20, 30, 40, 60, 120, 240,... kWh). The largest storage container for commercial and industrial purposes has a gross capacity of 1 MWh and is integrated in a container. All TESVOLT storage systems, whether battery cabinets (Li series) or storage containers (TLC series), are upwardly scalable. The storage systems are used in combination with SMA Sunny Island charge controllers on the low voltage grid. The high-quality lithium batteries are intrinsically safe and have a high cycle resistance (8.000 cycles, 10 year performance warranty)

TESVOLT storage systems can be used in the on-grid and off-grid sector, as well as in combination with almost all generation units (solar, wind, CHP, hydroelectric power). The systems are quick and easy to install (plug & play). TESVOLT accumulators can be used for own consumption and peak load optimization; they provide an effective emergency power supply.

The heart of the TESVOLT accumulator is the TESVOLT Battery Management (BMS).

Current BMS processes “burn” the excess energy via resistors (passive balancing) or distribute the energy from cells with higher charge states in cells with lower charge states over all cells in series (active unidirectional BMS). Per cell, the loss on energy distribution is 10%. As a result, the average efficiency in these systems is between 70-90%. The bidirectional BMS developed by TESVOLT can charge excess energy to the respective cell, keeping losses to just 8%. This specific activation of individual cells permits a significantly faster charge balancing with an efficiency of at least 92%. A master/slave function also allows any number of TESVOLT storage systems to be integrated.

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