TESVOLT commissions lithium storage container (TLC) in Russia

The 12/11/2015 was a special day by the River Volga, when CTO Simon Schandert commissioned the first TESVOLT lithium storage container in Russia.

The TLC-60 (TESVOLT Lithium Container) with a storage capacity of 60 kWh and a nominal charging power of 18 kW was installed in Toljatti (SAMARA), a city known for its automobile industry, and a gateway to Siberia. Designed for temperatures as low as -40°C and with emergency power supply for the local CHP manufacturer, which suffered from regular electricity fluctuations at its production facility. The manufacturer with over 450 employees can protect sensitive machines and servers in its production facilities from power failures and current fluctuations with the TLC solution. The TESVOLT storage system is primarily designed to avoid load peaks and compensate temporary power failures. Next year, the TESVOLT storage system will store electricity from a photovoltaic system in addition to the stored CHP electricity. Solar irradiation is higher than in Central Germany. In spite of the enormous reserves of oil and gas in Russia, the Russian company is relying on green electricity.

With its Russian partners, TESVOLT is planning to establish a dedicated production facility in Russia in Q2 2016, reports Managing Director Daniel Hannemann.

TESVOLT is a German manufacturer of lithium battery storage systems for everything from single family homes to industrial storage facilities.

TESVOLT specializes in commercial battery-storage systems. The innovative company produces various sizes of lithium storage systems with capacities of 10 to 120 kWh. Depending on the desired storage system size, they can be flexibly combined—for example to create a large-scale storage system with a capacity of 1 MWh, which TESVOLT supplies as a ready-to-use container. All storage systems are available with different charging speeds, with customers being also able to subsequently expand the system at any time. Thanks to this modular system concept, TESVOLT storage systems work with any application.

TESVOLT’s battery-storage systems have one of the best levels of overall efficiency on the market. Intelligent monitoring of each individual battery cell ensures a long service life of the storage systems. The energy storage systems are manufactured in Germany.


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TLC 60 to -40°

(image source: Tesvolt)
Simon Schandert, technical director and Daniel Hannemann, Commercial Director

(image source: Tesvolt)