Sustainable success is the goal of our activities. We want to take responsibility for people, society and nature.

Environmental responsibility

With our core business, we want to contribute to increasing the amount of renewable energy to minimise the consumption of conventional energy sources (oil, coal, gas).


Economic responsibility

We view ourselves as a future-oriented company with a long-term and sustainable development in the alternative energies sector. Our planning horizon is long-term: to secure jobs and a long-term cooperation with our customers.


Social responsibility

We are certain that social responsibility is an essential factor for long-term success of our company. We support regional associations, initiatives and organisations.


We implement sustainable management in the company. This includes all required processes for planning, implementation, control and management, to achieve the goals we have defined using the resources available. This view incorporates all actions aimed at the best possible achievement of the goals under the aspect of sustainable company development.

“We combine business success with environmental commitment and social responsibility”