London welcomes largest council-backed rooftop solar+storage installation

The Borough of Hounslow in the U.K. capital has invested GBP 2 million in a 1.73 MW rooftop solar array that will be supported by an onsite storage facility – the largest of its kind in the country.

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Agriculture + Energy Storage Systems from PV Magazine

Tesvolt’s modular storage system can be adapted to suit the energy needs of a whole range of agricultural operations. A single cabinet can house 60 kWh of storage, and several cabinets can be combined.

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First SMA Storage Day

On 15 October 2015, six members of our team attended the 1st Storage Day at the SMA Solar Academy in Niestetal near Kassel.

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The lithium accumulators of TESVOLT are designed specifically for commercial and industrial applications

TESVOLT storage solutions are available from 10 kWh up to an unlimited capacity (10, 20, 30, 40, 60, 120, 240,... kWh). The largest storage container for commercial and industrial purposes has a gross capacity of 1 MWh and is integrated in a container.

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Saving the power of the sun

A supplier and manufacturer of lithium battery storage systems, TESVOLT GmbH offers a flexible solution that stores the most of solar power. We took a closer look at the pioneering company and its innovative solutions…

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Tesvolt installs first large-scale lithium battery system in the low-voltage network

TESVOLT, based in German state Lutherstadt Wittenberg, has joined forces with Hanni Solar to implement a solar+starage project for an industrial customer in Morxdorf, Germany.

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Tesvolt plug and play storage system

This 0.5 MWh storage system from German startup Tesvolt is constructed using lithiumiron manganese batteries and has been designed as a transportable, plug-and-play storage solution for use both on and off the grid.

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Tesvolt’s bidirectional BMS delivers boost

Germany’s Tesvolt is continuing to develop its storage units, incorporating its Active Bidirectional Battery Management System (BMS).

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Battery backup for the edges

There is considerable activity in the battery storage sector from established companies and startups alike. Tesvolt is the latest startup to enter the space, ofering a 100 kWh to 1 MWh storage solution, with a retail price starting at €330/kWh ($393/kWh). The primary market Tesvolt is seeking to address is to supply backup power and pv magazine visited its irst major installation, literally at the edge of one grid, to ind out more.

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